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Kasam 22nd December 2016 Full Episode 209

Video watch online Kasam 22nd December 2016 today latest new full Episode 209 of Colors Tv drama serial Kasam complete show Episodes by colorsTv. watch Kasam Episode 209 online.

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Telecast Date: 22 December 2016
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Kasam 22nd December 2016 Written Update Episode

Tanuja insists about fasting, just for Raaj. Rishi speaks harsh and leaves. Tanuja says its proven that even the tea made by her is also just like Tannu. She wish this Karwa chot had been on some other time, but anyway she is happy she is fasting for Rishi.
Rishi comes to his room, looking around the room for something. Tanuja comes in and asks what he is looking for. Rishi says he is lost, can she look for him. Tanuja again asks what it is. Rishi tells Tanuja not to show off any concern, there is no relation between them nor there is any chance about it.
On the phone, Manpreet insists on Smiley to return home till evening. Smiley was concerned for her studies, Manpreet laughs about his concern. Smiley finally agrees to come. Manpreet wonders what Raaj’s surprise is. UV says they must be relaxed. Divia curtly says Raaj’s surprise must be connected to Tanuja, she wish Tanuja leaves the home. Manpreet insists that Rishi can’t even see he is happy whenever Tanuja is near him, else he is always upset. He was sure there is some misunderstanding about Tanuja, only God knows what she is hiding. UV scolds Manpreet for being on Tanuja’s side. Manpreet insists that he was alone when he was standing beside Tannu, and today he is standing beside Tanuja as Rishi loves Tanuja. UV takes a leave from Divia for office, then asks Manpreet to let elders be concerned. Divia thinks no one can be better for Rishi than Malaika who is even fasting for Rishi.
Inside, Malaika was feeling hungry and cursed herself for fasting for Rishi. She watches John take noodles. She gets an idea about eating in hiding. She comes to kitchen but finds all the bowls empty; curt over Tanuja for getting everything. She finds noodles in a bowl, but couldn’t find fork. She was about to take the first bite with hands, when Bee ji comes calling John. Malaika keeps the noodles bowl aside and goes to hiding. Bee ji finds the noodles bowl uncovered, then notices someone’s presence but Malaika had already gone to other side of desk. Bee ji finally leaves the kitchen. Malaika takes the noodles bowl again and was eating. Divia comes from behind asking how the noodles are. Malaika gulps the bite in, then asks reminds Divia about her fast; she was just covering the bowl. Divia notices Malaika smiling to herself, and takes her downstairs for story-telling.
Everyone gather in the hall. Raaj asks Manpreet about Smiley. Manpreet and UV insist on Raaj to break the surprise, but Raaj wasn’t ready to break it. He sends UV to bring Rano and Divia. Raaj boasts about Rano’s beauty even today. He asks about Mrs. Sharma, who always narrate the story and compliments her voice. Rano was offensive, that he is complimenting someone else in front of his wife. Manpreet goes to call Mrs. Sharma. Rano thinks that Divia is right, Malaika is really her standard who is fasting without marriage. Raaj asks where Rano was lost, and asks her to introduce Tanuja to every guest specially. He goes to welcome Mrs. Sharma. Rano watches Tanuja coming downstairs.
Rano brings Tanuja to kitchen and demands why she came so dressed up to party. She reminds Tanuja about their divorce, and this Karwa chot is for married women. Tanuja doesn’t even know about the meaning of marriage. She would have pushed Tanuja out of the house; but its because of Raaj that Tanuja is taking advantage. She asks Tanuja to create some drama and leave. Tanuja tells Rano that it’s her first Karwa chot, she would hear each word of this story; this story is as pious as the prayer of Karwa Chot. She will complete this ritual, and come to story.

PRECAP: Rano brings the reports to disclose Tanuja’s secret to Raaj.

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