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Kasam 29th December 2016 Full Episode 214

Video watch online Kasam 29th December 2016 today latest new full Episode 214 of Colors Tv drama serial Kasam complete show Episodes by colorsTv. watch Kasam Episode 214 online.

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Telecast Date: 29 December 2016
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Kasam 29th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Tanuja’s fast had been broken. Raaj gets sweets for Tanuja that Rishi feeds her with his hands. Rano and Malaika were upset. Tanuja holds his hands thinking he had completed her Karwachot today, and thanks the moon. Rishi holds her up, and helps her inside. Malaika taunts Rano that Tanuja’s fast was completed. Smiley comes to the room concerned for Tanuja, and accepts her mistake about not informing the family that Tanuja was already feeling dizzy. Tanuja advices Smiley to think about herself and her child, she must talk to her boyfriend for once again; and not to go for abortion. Divia comes to bring Smiley downstairs, scolding her to be with Tanuja.
Rishi sat outdoor, thinking how he had completed Tanuja. Rano comes to taunt Rishi for breaking his promise to her, and broke her fast eventually. It’s always the same, Tanuja gets what she wants to. She was upset that Rishi has proven her as wrong today, he had let Tanuja stay here but Rishi did. Rishi qualifies she was falling off, Rano complains that Rishi made her fall today. Rishi says a sorry. Rano tells him to apologize Tannu, whose memories he has murdered. Rish lend Tannu’s place to Tanuja in his life.
In the room, Tanuja was worried why Rishi didn’t return to the room. Malaika comes in. She calls Tanuja a great actor, who made Rishi break her fast. Malaika says she had seen this hate story between her and Rishi. Rishi would now hate her more, as Rishi didn’t want to break her fast but he was puzzled by her. Malaika gets a call from Shekhar, and leaves. Tanuja thinks she must go to speak to Rishi, he is having a misunderstanding.
On the call, Shekhar shouts at Malaika that his life has turned to a drama. She must have celebrated her Karwachot. Tanuja comes behind and hears Malaika apologizing on call, and says it is really difficult to leave during Karwachot. Tanuja hides herself when Malaika leaves cautiously, then wonders where is Malaika going.
There, Rishi was drinking in the dark room; upset about Rano’s hate words for Tanuja. He thinks about leaving the house, as Tanuja would be helpless this way.
Malaika brings food for Shekhar, and apologizes that he had to stay hungry because of her. Shekhar says he always eat with her, and waited for her because of her fast. Malaika hugs him, and apologizes for marrying Rishi. Shekhar tells Malaika it’s for him that she would marry Rishi, they would have been married last year had Rishi not spoilt his business. He stands for Malaika to break her fast. There is a bell on door, Shekhar says its dinner that he ordered. Shekhar calls to come inside, Tanuja enters the room. Malaika was shocked to see her, and drops the thaal off her hand.
In the car, Rishi thinks Tanuja promised to fast. He gets a call from Manpreet, Manpreet notices Rishi was drunk. Rishi tells Manpreet he won’t stay in that house until Tanuja is there. He cries that he had betrayed Tannu by considering Tanuja as Tannu. Manpreet tells Rishi to stay where he is, he would be there. Rishi shuts him up saying he isn’t a child, and cuts the call. Rishi was driving rash and hits a car coming from front. He calls Tannu.
Tanuja can hear the call and replies with a yes, worried for Rishi. She then questions Malaika what she is doing here. Malaika stammers, she was doing Pooja for fast and tries to explain Tanuja that Shekhar is her brother. She tells Tanuja that her bhabi has died, he is missing her today so she came here. She explains to Tanuja that Shekhar isn’t ready to understand his wife has died. Shekhar comes to tell Tanuja its his first Karwachot without his wife. Malaika gets a call from Rano, and was shocked to hear about Rishi’s accident. Tanuja snatches the phone and asks where she is. Rano wonders what she is doing with Malaika, Tanuja asks about the hospital. Rano wasn’t ready to tell her, Tanuja was upset.

PRECAP: Rano watches Rishi being operated. Tanuja forbids the nurse to tell anyone about her donation of blood.

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