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Kasam 11th March 2016 Written Update

In the village, Veeru says to Shanta that girls grow up so soon, they were stuck in letters and there Ahna has mailed Raaj as well. Shanta was happy that Raaj already know their new address. Veeru says he has started the arrangements of marriage as well.
The assistant tells Rano that there is a mail for her from India from some Virender Singh. Rano was curt, she gets to read the mail herself. It says that Raaj, his daughter is of age, they waited for him for years. He is waiting for him, when he is arriving. His best friend, Raaj. Rano tells her assistant to write a mail from Raaj.
Ahna comes asking about Tannu. She announces that Raaj mailed from USA. Ahna reads the mail to Veeru and Shanta, that his son has grown up and is marrying a foreigner girl, there is no chance he will come to India. They have moved forward, he must as well. Veeru tells her to shut it, Tannu will be broken if she gets to know about it. Tannu says she has heard about it.
The assistant asks Rano what will happen when they will go to India. Rano says she hasn’t told him about their new address. And till then they will have married their daughter somewhere else because of this mail. The assistant asks what she will say when Raj finally gets to know and ask her about it. Rano says she will make up that it was some joke from boys. The assistant asks if she doesn’t trust her son will say no to their daughter. Rano says yes, she doesn’t want to take a chance. She says her friend Banno always said she is a b***c.
Ahna goes to hug Tannu. Tannu comes to Shanta and wipes her tears. She tells her not to cry, she doesn’t want them to get upset. If he doesn’t want to marry her and loves someone else she can’t force her. Shanta says what will happen to her. Tannu says she won’t cry, will not wait for him anymore. She trusts her luck, she will not run behind her luck. If Rishi is in her luck he will come to her life, else not. She says if he has moved on in his life, may be some day she also moves on. Veeru blesses her and hugs Tannu.
There, Rishi asks what has happened to their parents. Manpreet asks why they keep a punching bag to beat instead of him. Rano comes there and tells Rishi he has to go to India right now and say no to girl. Rishi says he isn’t going to India. Rano asks if he wants his father’s property? Rishi says it is their property, he can’t go to India. Rano says it is about marriage, he should either say yes or no; because she thinks he can’t marry the girl in Patiala. Rishi says whoever the girl may be, he will only say no. He looks at the painting of moon. He asks Rano if this moon can watch them all at a time, if he can tell his thinkings to her as well. Rano asks what? He says this moon reminds him of his childhood tales. Rano tells him not to take tension, she has done everything so that he can’t even meet that girl; and then he must say no and come back here.
Ahna brings shawl for tannu at the terrace. She asks Tannu if she would be able to forget him. Tannu says she still has faith he will come, but she must worry as she won’t wait him anymore. Ahna says thanks God, else she thought she will also get old just because of Tannu, then who will marry her. Tannu slaps her lightly, she hugs Tannu. Tannu says she now has to do something that lessens their parent’s mistake. Ahna says Tannu ruined 17 years of her life, she never saw a cute boy. Tannu says she has studied in that time, she can move on in life; she wants to assure her parents that they are there for each other, they are enough. She looks at the moon and thinks this reminds her of him.
Manpreet asks Rishi whom is he calling. Rishi says India. Manpreet hoots at once, Rishi asks if he thinks he would call that Patiala girl? He reminds Manpreet of a blonde girl that had come from India. Manpreet says dad is fixing his date there and here he cares about his own date.
Tannu watches the moon and thinks she thinks that what is in her heart will reach him. Her phone rings, Ahna says it has reached his heart already. She picks up the call. Rishi says sweet heart, he is coming to her country only for her. Tannu asks who is it? Rishi says the one she thinks about looking at moon. Tannu asks how he know she was looking at moon. Rishi says every lover does this, and someone told him one that no matter they see the moon or not, it always watches us. He says she is missing him watching the moon, if the moon told her he is the same she always thinks about. Tannu asks who is this speaking? Rishi says he is the same she has been waiting for, miss Chandigarh! Tannu says he had a confusion, this isn’t the number of Miss Chandigarh; her number has changed already. Ahna comes to take the mobile, she and Rishi call names to each other. Ahna tells Tannu whom she speaks to with so much love.
There, Manpreet calms Rishi. Rishi asks if he takes Miss Chandigarh’s number from that Patiala girl, if she will dislike it? Manpreet says obviously, he can’t take the number from her but she can. Rishi says the one who came before had a sweet voice. He must save her name as Miss sweet voice.
Ahna asks Tannu why she even spoke to him. Tannu says when he talked about moon, she thought… Ahna tells her to forget about it now, she has to move on in life.
Ahna tries to eat a chocolate hidden from Tannu. Tannu takes it from her, she eats it herself. Ahna asks if she is eating chocolates to get over her breakup. Ahna suggests about finding Rishi on friends book. Tannu says she has seen some 600 Rishi Bedi. Her life is now hers and her parent’s, she now needs a job. Ahna says may be she gets a cool boy in her job. Tannu says she has called a friend to airport, may be a new chapter of her life begin.
The next morning, Bani and Guljeet arrive. Bani warns Guljeet to do what they came for. They say they came to console with him. Veeru says Raaj is his friend, maybe he wouldn’t have the courage to talk to him. He could have called him once. Veeru says Shanta has gone for Tannu’s proposal. Bani says they must marry here where they get a proposal. Guljeet sends Bani to get water, and says to Veeru that he had great loss in stock market. Ahna comes there, Bani asks how is she? Ahna says she is fine. Bani calls Ahna to be fat. Ahna says she is used to be fat and takes a leave. Guljeet says they have to think about their daughter’s secure future now.
There, Ahna asks Tannu where she is going now. Tannu says she has to go to airport. Ahna asks what if she doesn’t get the job. Tannu says something will happen. Ahna asks if she told papa. Tannu says she thought she will tell him when she will get a job. Ahna tells her to make up for now that she is going to college. Tannu likes the idea. There is a flight passing by nearby, Tannu stops to watch it then thinks she must not look at each landing flight now, in the hope that he might be coming.
Rishi’s flight lands in India.

Precap: Rishi tries to impress an air hostess who is with Tannu. When Tannu turns to look at him, he turns away and she can’t see his face. Later, Tannu drops her ring while rushing and Rishi finds it.

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