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Kasam 14th March 2016 Written Update

Rishi and Manpreet wink at each other watching an air hostess. A girl comes to Manpreet asking about an address. Rishi comes to the airhostess, he says he is going to Chandigarh alone and will definitely need her number, he will call her, will speak about meeting and then what will happen between them. He says she must see his father, he is old and he has come here for his nose operation. Raaj wakes up then. Rishi tells the lady that his mother passed away in childhood, he kisses the hands of airhostess. She asks what happened to his father. He says he snores so loud, the neighbours have also started to complain. It is a serious issue. Raaj had come to him, he keeps a hand on Raaj’s shoulder who tells him to shut up but when he turns around Raj slaps him hard.
Tannu stops an auto, she watches an old woman walking on a road and saves her from the arriving car. The lady says something was about to happen to someone, the lady said there is something different in the air. From today her luck is going to change, her day night, fate, world, everything is going to break. The airs had a bad eye over the whole city, but Tannu’s life will change today. She says he will come today. Tannu asks who is she? If they have met before. The lady says she doesn’t remember her if she ever met her before, today their meeting was in fate. She knows the fate when she touches someone, and after touching Tannu she knew this all had to happen today. Tannu wonders who was she, what was she talking about. She looks at her watch and hurries towards the airport.
There, Rishi was keeping an ice pack on his eye. He complains that the girl will also reject him this way. The airhostess comes to Rishi, he gives him the number and says had he asked him directly he wouldn’t have to get the punch. Raaj comes there and says the punch was for saying the wrong things to wrong girl. He says he is sure Rishi won’t be able to say no to that girl. Rishi says a 2% chance of that girl is also lost. Raj says he challenges once he sees the girl, he won’t be able to say no. Ranno tells them to shut up and hurry towards Kokatta’s flight.
Veeru names his property after Guljeet’s daughters as well. Veeru says that since childhood he told Tannu to wait for Rishi, she did. They always think about their proposals, but not about their futures. He will now create the land for his daughters. Bani come there thinking if he signs today, the property will only be named behind her daughters. Veeru signs the file, he says today Guljeet has taken all the burden off his heart. Today, he will hand his daughter’s property to her.
Tannu tells the guard that her friend Neetu called her for job. The guard says the security is red alert today, only those who work here or have tickets or passes can go inside. Neetu, the airhostess that came across Rishi watches Tannu and waves at her. Neetu gives a paper for Tannu. Neetu take Tannu to let her meet the manager.
There, Raaj touches the floor and says this is the soil of his land. Rishi says this is marbel, not soil. Raaj says it is the name of a feeling, if someone doesn’t respect Mother India, how he would respect his mother. He makes his son touch the floor as well. Rano moves ahead.
Neetu wishes that Tannu gets the job and shows her the manager. She says the manager is busy, this red alert had to happen today only. Tannu says she must be tired. Neetu tells her that a boy came to her, he had a different energy and was really cute. Tannu says she was never like this and couldn’t talk to strangers. Neetu says he was actually cute.
There, Rishi and Manpreet found Neetu. Manpreet spots her and Tannu. Neet u tells Tannu was watch him up, but an old man had started scolding Rishi. Tannu laughs and says he is old. Neetu says it seems she spotted a wrong man. They head towards manager as he calls now.
Raaj scolds Rishi and Manpreet that they have brought a wrong bag for him. He says if they will they will get a wrong father too. He tells them to go and change. Manpreet asks who, dad? Raaj says bag and moves on. The boys complain to Rano if she didn’t get someone else to marry. Rishi says she must have married Suuny Deole. Ranno says when their father was young he was really cute. Raaj comes behind asking if they haven’t returned.
Bani dances in the room, Guljeet asks her to hurry up now and asks her to leave this place soon. Bani says that now they will sell Paitiala’s property, they will send some goons to throw them out of the place and Veeru will die in a heart attack. Guljeet was shocked to see Shanta standing at the door. Shanta says to Bani if she did this to her, why she betrayed her? Only for money? if she needed money she could have asked for them, she jerks Bani and asks why she did this. She is also a mother of two daughters, did she think for once what she was doing. How she did this to her daughters. Veeru always said he has four daughters, then why she is doing this to her daughters. Guljeet comes to Shanta, but Shanta slaps him and asks what was that she never did for him, they gave him what he asked for. Veeru let him go to the city, he considers him as his son. Bani says they are getting late from train, Shanta stops them and stands at the door. They leave struggling. Bani hits Shanta with a stick on the back of her head. Shanta fells on the ground, Guljeet asks what she did but Bani drags him out.
Tannu hits someone and her locket drops. Neet goes to check the manager asking Tannu to sit in the office. Tannu realizes she lost her locket. She looks around, she thinks if this is an indication that Rishi will never come again. Rishi and Manpreet look for Neetu. Tannu was worried that she looked in the whole bag, where her locket has gone. The locket comes under Rishi’s feet, he thinks may be this is someone’s old locket. He has a flashback from his past. He wonders why he feels like recognizing this locket, as if someone had given this locket to someone. If he has seen this locket to someone? He goes to the help desk and knocks at the glass. Tannu who was inside asks who is it, Rishi says me? She asks who me. He says he lost something. Tannu says she also lost something. He asks what she lost. She says a memory connected to her life, her locket. He asks golden silver rings with diamond? She says yes, he thinks may be he found them. She asks him to give them back to her, he forwards it beneath the glass saying what she lost is in front of her now. She picks the locket from his hand. Both feel a jolt as if of current. They look at their hands, Tannu was relieved and says thanks. Rishi asks if she will return his luggage to him, his bags got exchanged. Tannu says this counter is closed, he must go to the other one. Rishi leaves still confused about the feeling. Manpreet meets Rishi on the stairs and asks if he met her, Rishi says he is having a head ache. He tells Manpreet that he got a current by the touch of a girl’s hand. He feels the jolt and looks behind, Manpreet comes to call him again. Rishi goes back saying he needs to talk to her. He rushes towards the help desk and enters the office. Tannu sat on the chair there with her back towards the door. Rishi comes to her.

Kasam 15th March 2016 Episode PRECAP: Tannu holds her locket, watches her hand and wonders about the jolt. Veeru comes home and watches Shanta lying on the floor.

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