Kasam 16th March 2016 Full Episode 8

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Kasam 16th March 2016 Written Update

Tannu goes behind, Ahna tells Tannu to go from the other way.
Raaj offers Rano pani poori, she says she is on diet. Raj puts it in her mouth. Rishi asks Manpreet why is Papa so excited? Manpreet says he was eating something round. They head to go towards the college, Raaj asks them to taste Pani poori. Rishi goes to convince Raaj.
Veeru watches some students kept hostage in a class room. The terrorist says police and media are all here, he warns the professor that if he dies they will all be afraid. The professor apologizes. There Tannu and Ahna comes at the back wall of the college. They couldn’t see anyone. Tannu says she thinks there is no way except to climb the wall. Ahna goes forward. The terrorist fires a bullet at the terrorist, he fells on the ground. Veeru was recognized by the students, Veeru tells them not to be afraid. He tells the students to climb the wall out of the college. A student tells him Tannu and Ahna didn’t come to college today. Veery was relieved. Tannu watches a terrorist on the terrace, she hides herself. Rishi and Manpreet were coming towards them, while the terrorist aimed at them. She tries to call them taking their attention. She throws a stone at them. The terrorist makes a fire that hurts Tannu’s arm. Rishi runs towards him though being at the aim of the terrorist. Manpreet tells Rishi not to get up. Rishi says he has to go to the girl who got hurt while saving her. Ahna comes to Tannu and asks who is he to her that she was saving his life. Rishi watches and tries to stand up but there is fire again. Ahna ties a cloth piece at Tannu’s arm. Rishi tells Manpreet he just want to meet the girl, why she saved his life. There fire was opened, police forces arrive there and shoots the man. They take the girls there. Rishi was going towards them, he tells Manpreet to stay here and goes behind Tannu. He watches her from behind, her dupatta fell on her and he was covered with it. They move forward, he was left with it. A police lady goes to get her dupatta back.
The firing goes one, terrorist was wandering around and hostage the students and the professor again. Veeru comes and shoots him too making the students run out. They come downstairs, there were some other men who gets shot by Veeru. The crowd comes out, Veer was the last one to be left with Shanta. The terrorists upstairs shoots down, the crowd runs inside. He goes to Shanta, she cries and hugs him. he tells her that Tannu and Ahna didn’t come to college today. They head to go out. He watches Raaj standing at the door, Raaj asked about Rishi and Manpreet. Veeru tells Shanta that Raaji has come, he told her he will fulfil his promise. He has his treasure now, he says Rishi must also have come. They heads outside when an injured terrorist shoots Veer. Raaj watches him fell in Shanta’s lap as she cried. Shanta asks Veer to try and get up, he has saved so many lives, nothing can happen to him. Veer says Raaj is here, nothing will happen to him now. Kasam will be fulfilled. Shanta cries as she helps him take little steps weakly. Raaj tells the inspector to go to them, he heads to go inside. The police force comes to prevent Raaj go inside. Veer fell on the ground, the terrorist fires another bullet. Raaj watches in shock, he prays they must have someone who will arrive looking for them.
First aid was being given to Tannu. A mate watches them there and tells them their father came here looking for them. He saved so many lives today. Tannu was worried at once, she asks Ankush if he came out. He says he was still inside. Tannu and Ahna hurries outside. The firing still went on. Rishi looks for Manpreet, Manpreet suggests to go towards the ambulance, may be the girl is there. They spots a girl in the ambulance. Rishi comes to her, the girl turns out to be someone else. Manpreet thanks her but Rishi says she was hurt on palm, there were red flowers on her dupatta. Ankush says it was Tannu, her sister was also saying why she put her life in danger for someone she didn’t know. Manpreet tells Ankush his brother asked someone’s name for the first time. Rishi was lost in Tannu’s though.
Tannu requests the inspector that their parents are inside. The inspector doesn’t allow. Ahana takes Tannu to the back way. They come inside to find many dead bodies. Tannu thinks about the bad eye on the city. She cried. Ahna hurries towards Tannu and asks what she is thinking. Tannu tells her that she met a lady today, she watched them both and said something is going to happen to them. They come to the hall and watch their parents lying on the floor. The police had come behind them. Tannu and Ahna goes to wake their parents up. Shanta moves her lips and fell her head in Tannu’s lap. They cry, the medical staff come to take their bodies. Tannu finds Shanta’s mangal sooter on the floor.
Raaj watches bodies being carried out. The professor says to Raaj that he had saved them all and lost their lives. Raaj and Rano go to the bodies that had been placed on the floor. Raaj touches the feet of both and pray for their souls. They couldn’t meet their loved ones. Rano keeps a hand on his shoulder. The win removes the sheets off their faces. Rano turns to look at their children, Raaj and Rano go to Manpreet without looking at the faces. Raaj hugs his sons.
Tannu and Ahna come to the bodies that were now being placed in ambulance. They also get in the ambulance.

Kasam 17th March 2016 PRECAP: Rishi comes to stand with the ambulance, he comes forward, his back towards Tannu who was inside.

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