Kasam 25th March 2016 Full Episode 15

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Kasam 25th March 2016 Written Update

Neha talks to Sandy on call. He tells Neha that his parents have agreed to their marriage. Neha says his parents didn’t need a Punjabi girl. He says they will get married this week. Neha says she has to attend two weddings this year so let’s get married next week. Tannu knocks at the door of Neha, she says Hi to Neha. She says she has to tell her something about Rishi.
There Rishi looks around for Tannu and wonders how crazy she is. He opens the window of Bani’s room, he was about to leave when Bani stops him. She shows him a dress and asks if this suits her. Rishi thinks even this aunty got him only, he says she will look beautiful in whatever she wears. She asks if he has been looking for Tannu? She tells him her room address. Rishi thinks that Tannu talks to them about him but is always angry at him, he must get to know the reality if they have pushed her for this engagement.
Tannu asks Neha not to marry him, she has seen him herself and he isn’t good man. She tells her about that numbers from the girl’s event. She heard Manpreet telling a girl that he changes girls like clothes. Neha thanks Tannu. Tannu asks her to think how she will break this engagement. Neha says she won’t break the engagement. Tannu asks if she is worried about answering the people, her Bauji said one must always do what heart says. Rishi flirts with 10 girls at a time, Neha says she had 12 boyfriends. She says she wanted such a life partner in life who can live freely and lets her too. She is the girl who doesn’t want to pet a husband. Tannu says her mother gave her responsibility to cook food, Neha asks her to keep it spicy. Rishi finds Tannu coming out of the room, he stops her way and doesn’t let her go ahead. She asks him to go, he says he has to talk to her. She says she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t speak to useless people. Rishi asks what he did now, she always scolds him.
In the kitchen, Tannu stands on a stool to take a pot. Rishi comes to watch her, and asks if she need help. She says no thanks. He says if she wants that as in films, a girl slips and will fell in a boy’s arm scenario? Tannu thinks he is such a flirty and tells him to carry on. He pushes the stool away and tries to take the bucket looking at Tannu. The bucket fell over him, he bathes in flour. Tannu laughs at him. He laughs watching her happy. The flour gets into his eye, she tells him to shut it. He asks what she will do then. She asks him to sit and blow his eye carefully. Neha comes there, Tannu says the flour fell off. Rishi leaves waving Tannu. Neha comes inside and asks what she was doing so close. Tannu says flour got into his eye. Neha says she will do anyting, as he is her husband to be.
Rishi knocks at the washroom door. He gets into a nearby room and goes to washroom.
Guljeet gives Swati the ring to keep in his room. He asks Tannu to decorate the fruits in his room. Rishi takes shower and thinks about Tannu. He thinks that she cares about him too, she is cute. Swati comes out of the room when Tannu enters and starts decorating the fruits. Rishi opens the door, both screams watching each other. Rishi shuts the door, he opens it slightly and asks for a towel. She doesn’t face him but hands him a towel. He asks for clothes as well. She asks if she has to get the clothes as well. He says people will laugh at him else, and she will also feel shy. She takes clothes from the closet. Tannu goes out and thinks she would shy if he comes out in towel, he is getting engaged to Neha. Rishi comes out and thanks Tannu. She watches him in shalwar shirt and laughs, she runs out. Rishi says he likes her laugh, and anger both; is this love. Neha wonders why Tannu is laughing, Rishi comes out from behind, everyone laugh at Rishi watching him in such a lose dress. Neha takes Bani aside and says she has sacrificed a lot for this wedding. She tells Bani that Tannu came to tell her that Rishi isn’t good guy, she herself was with him. Bani says she won’t let Rishi come closer to Tannu. She tells Neha to get ready as she has to meet Bee ji.
Raaj and Rano greet Bee ji. Raaj asks why she got late. Bee ji tells him she met someone from the village. She asks about her grandsons. Manpreet comes and hugs Bee ji, he asks what she brought for her? Bee ji says she has brought the video game and asks for Yuvraj. Yuvraj comes with the bag. Manpreet goes to hug him and opens the bag. Raaj goes to Yuvraj, he touches Yuvraj’s feet. Raaj asks if he will meet his so coldly and hugs him. UV asks about Rishi, he didn’t tell him that he is marrying. Raaj says he himself doesn’t know. UV asks what Rishi found in the girl that he said yes. Raaj says he told Rishi that he won’t say no. Rano asks Raj to go to see the new house. Rishi comes to meet them, UV says he hasn’t seen the one who made him forget everything. Rishi says she will keep on watching her only. Bee ji was the same lady Tannu had helped. Rishi says it seems he knows her for ages. Rishi says she is his Tannu. Bee ji says she never saw him this happy before, she prays for him to be saved from any bad eye.

PRECAP: Raaj gives Neha’s hand in Rishi’s. Tannu comes to set them apart.

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