Kasam 29th March 2016 Full Episode 17

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Kasam 29th March 2016 Written Update

Sandy comes to Rishi and Manpreet. He asks if he knows who his father is. Rishi and Manpreet jokes about it. Sandy says all the super markets belong to his father, and he has reach towards the Chief Minister. He asks which girl he is getting engaged to. Rishi points towards Tannu. Sandy is happy and says she is really beautiful. Rishi asks who he is, Sandy says Neha is his girlfriend. He points towards Neha. Tannu looks towards them, she thinks what is this Kasam of love that can neither be broken nor joint. Sandy says he should also get engaged today along with Rishi. Rishi watches Tannu upset and thinks why she is sad, she must not think about people but her heart, it will inform her that he has only come here for her and she is made for him. Tannu thinks that now she doesn’t want to hear or say anything to him. Rishi thinks her eyes say she has to say a lot to her. Rishi stops her, Tannu says she has to serve. Rishi asks why she is serving, there are waiters. Tannu says engagement was arranged in a hurry, waiters are really less. She takes the tray of juice, Rishi picks the other tray and goes towards her. Both trays hit, the juice fell over Tannu’s dress. Rishi scolds the waiter to go away, he says I am so sorry and asks her not to shout. He takes her hand and goes towards a room. He looks around and switches the bulb off. Tannu was disturbed as he stood too close to her and stared in her eyes. Tannu asks what he is doing. He says if someone watches the dress, it will feel uncomfortable. He will get her another dress to change. Rano asks why he needs the shagun dress, she will only get it after engagement. Rishi requests her to give one, Rano says she won’t. He takes one. Rano says it is better Tannu gets less of Shagun.
Tannu was in the room thinking about Rishi. Rishi comes to the room with the dress of Shagun and hands it to her. Tannu takes the dress and goes inside.
In the temple of Kaali, the lady say today is dark night, it is really heavy for them both. Kaali protects everyone today. She wonders if today a happiness is coming. She prays to Kaali that She needs to save the relation that was joint this this temple.
Tannu comes out dressed in Shagun dress. Rishi turns to look at her. He moves towards her and watches her in awe. He corrects her Bindi and smiles. She looks herself in the mirror behind. He asks if she had been crying, wipes her tear and says one feel like crying in environment of wedding. He puts on black tika behind her ear and says her Bee ji says any beautiful thing doesn’t get a bad eye this way. Ahna calls Tannu, Tannu runs outside.
A lady comes to Bani, she forbids Bani to engage her daughter tonight as tonight is a bad day. Bani says she had asked Pandit ji and he said it was a good day.
Raaj had cough, Tannu hands him a glass of water. She looks at Raaj and thinks about his father’s words that if something happens to him, Raaj is there to take care of him. She leaves, Raaj thanks her.
Neha asks Sandy if he talked to Rishi, what he said? Sandy says Rishi told him he is getting engaged to Tannu. He says he is sorry not to believe her, she love him and he has decided to talk to her mother about their wedding. Neha says her mother must be busy, but a lady comes to call Neha that her mother is calling her. Neha watches Sandy go to talk to her mom.
Rano comes to tell Raaj about Rishi. She spots Rishi serving drinks to guests. Raaj says he has got the colors of India here. Rano comes to stop him asking if he is a servant. Rishi says Tannu is serving, is she a servant? Rano says this is why she hates this girls, she appears more to be a maid. Rishi says she will take care of her and make him a disciplined son.
Sandy comes to touch Bani’s feet. Bani asks who is he? Sandy says he has to say something important to her. He sits with Bani, takes a revolver from the pocket and says he is a straight forward boy. He loves Neha and wants to marry hre. Bani says alright, do it; staring at the gun. Bani says meeting his parents is also important for them before fixing the marriage, she tells him to leave right now. Sandy says he won’t leave right now, it is important for him to see all the rituals of engagement being done here. He takes the gun again and Bani says alright.
Manpreet announces the engagement of his brother. Bani brings Neha to the hall and asks her to bring some smile over her face. Manpreet begin the dance performance. Rishi and Tannu look at each other.

PRECAP: Bee ji gives Tannu’s hand in Rishi’s. The spot light come to them, Tannu was uncomfortable while Rishi stares at her.

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